Sibuyiselwe "Oogley" Dlamini - Bio

Born Sibuyiselwe Alexandra Dlamini. Oogley is a multi-diverse music producer who hails from PMB. He remembers growing up in the city township where occasionally there'd be live bands performing on the street on given weekends.


This is where his passion for music starts.

In the year 2007, a matriculated Oogley was presented with a second-hand PC by his mother, herein he taught himself the tricks and trade of music production using Fruity loops 3 as his DAW.

He later ventured into the likes of Reason and Cubase but admits to finding FL studio the most accommodating  DAW for his unorthodox styles of music creation. He cites artists such as Beethoven, Ludovico Einaudi, Daft Punk ' Stimming, and Deadmau5 among his long list of favorites. ..

 In 2019 he was chosen as one of the top five producers for the Remy martin music producers competition. His music if not filled with ambient warm pads and pluck is sure to have something earthy and close to live sounding.  Throughout the years Oogley has developed his sound by pushing the envelope and boundaries of music.

 Whether its skillfully placing a jazzy piano progression on a kwaito drum beat with synth replacing live instruments or simply merging classical compositions with new-age sounds. His aim is to produce a "never heard this before" feel to all his music


Sound Artist
Sound Design Known as: Oogley Years active: 2007 - Present